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GPU Miner for Windows

It is happening, Ethereum has started the process of phasing out GPU-based mining. Starting from 17th August 2022 Ethereum will start phasing out Proof-of-Work for a Proof-of-stake Model. All of this means that Ethereum miners are now homeless. All of that processing power still ready to work, but nowhere to go. But, wait! There is a solution. With we allow you to get started mining again, using your expensive GPU hardware by connecting to the Flux network.

Proof of Useful Work

We have opted to use Flux for proof-of-work as the primary coin to mine because of its Proof of Useful Work which directs the Flux GPU mining operations at solving real-world problems through distributed computer. This distributed computing allows Flux to compute operations such as machine learning and deep fake detection just to name a few.

Flux and the environment

The PoW Ethereum network, consumes a lot of resources which has an impact on the environment. The Flux PoUW allows the GPU miners to secure the Flux blockchain by solving real-world problems rather than random ones.

Is Flux the next Ethereum?

Flux is the perfect replacement for Ethereum. It is fast and affordable, but most importantly has a much lesser impact on the enviroment by using Proof of Useful Work.

How can I use my GPU to mine?

By downloading the GPU Miner software, you can start mining immediately. Our GPU Mining software is FREE and allows you to get started mining instantly.

Making a passive income with GPU mining

When you mine using GPU Miner, you receive your payments in Flux token, which can then be traded. Currently 1 Flux is equal to $0.96.

How can I use my computer for crypto mining?

Download the software, and click start, after which you will be

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